Am all enough for myself,

Always I am, always will be,

Am just enough to be that beautiful me,

Don’t listen to anyone,

Am just enough for myself.



Source: Instagram, @sreejith_jayachandran

It’s darker in here,

They just prick me,

And me, and me,

It’s just darker,

Some scars,

It’s more darker,

Now it has a tint,

And a frame, 

And an end.

The Walk – II 

source: Instagram :: @sreejith_jayachandran :: ©

Empty beer bottles.                          

Blue Tees, and that friday

Beach side walk,

I could feel the force of those dark clouds,

Above me, they they hurling,

I hear that small burst,

Here I was and it’s different now.   

It’s okay, I feel the vibration in the shells,

The roar, the golden sound,

Like always she is with me, Adaline.

The sense of shock between our skin,

It’s paralyzing, we smile with that numbness,