Tú yo

Photo by Ruth Thorne-Thomsen – Levitating Man, 1983

The civilisation cramps, the colour fades,

Masturbating my feelings, staring at the horizon

I see him, his eyes, brown and pale,

Starving as young,

Am suffering for no reason,

It’s [just] random lines,

Am addicted,

Cornered, lost,

Pining away,

Am enjoying with people, the present,

Dancing my anger, singing my pain,

Hitting the high notes, stretching my legs,

Tapping to the beats,

I engage my consciousness,

I lock myself in a dark room,

And my conscience hitting the window pans,

The clumsiness in my brain clogs and breaks my fever,

I can’t go with it,

Am sensually intimate with my own body,

I sleep heavy headed,

I drink just water,

[And] am losing my grammar,

Good night!



Probably the sun has hit the horizon,

That sparkling heat and calm whirling wind,

Have so much something hiding in ’em,

That energy, that passion burns my egos,

And wakes in the inner peace,

Am in a perfect sync,

With you,

And I feel tropical…

‘Reflection’ by Gintaras Kasperionis