Collage by Tyler Spangler
Collage by Tyler Spangler

Every people i have met have given me something as their part for me. They all shared stories ,memories, happiness, sad and anxious thyself. Friendship is something that takes a moment to become a wildfire with just a single spark to burn up the gasoline in between the two, And they might stay up till you turn into ashes, or some might just need the same moment to extinguish.

They all have been wonderful, wonderful memories. And always did fantasise me.



by Paolo Ræliby Paolo Ræli
Photograph by Paolo Ræli

We got it all for ourselves.

But I won’t be burning for you anymore.

You left me deserted, heartbroken.

I can’t take it anymore for you.

You don’t deserve me cause am more compassionate.

And I don’t deserve you anymore cause you lost that ‘me’ in you.

When did you love me? When did you have me?

The heat we had for each other has died.

We can’t be a slave for either of us.

Well, am bored.

Our picture together will echo out there even if we are on two different wont.

Life is just one fucking erotic poetry.

So anything can be written and also be scored off from the pages.

And that’s all it takes.